MacBook the Apple laptop that keeps on going

Apple, along with some of its fans (like us), will probably say that the MacBook Pro design is fine, and that it’s pointless to change it. In some ways, that’s fair; after all, this is still a nice-looking laptop, and it’s still small and very light. Each of the last few Mac versions have all been pretty much the same. […]

Lumen Metabolism Tracker – Tech meets fitness

Lumen where tech meets fitness and a healthy lifestyle. We really love this device and easy to use phone app. A must have tool to help you personalize your fitness journey. Lumen tells you what your body is using for energy, fats or carbs, and provides you with daily personalized nutrition recommendations to help you with your 2021 fitness and […]

Nothing says laid back like the Sanuk You Got My Back II slides

These backless slides are the most luxuriously fuzzy, buttery fluffy, and ridiculously comfortable Sanuk has ever made. The premium suede uppers with hand whip-stitched edges are stuffed to the brim with warm faux shearling on the inside, right down to their award-winning sidewalk surfer footbeds. Go ahead, take a deep breath and relax in these all around great slides.

Dishwasher – Clean or Dirty?

With a full and busy house “who-the-what-now” status of the dishwasher results in dirty dishes being loading into the dishwasher with clean dishes. Even worst people surrendering and just leaving the dishes in the sink for the next person to decrypt the dishwasher status. Make life a little easier by adding an easy to use clean/dirty marker to the dishwasher. […]

Stay Hydrated – Drink Fluids – Water

By now no one should be telling you to drink fluids – everyday – and a lot of it. The truth is drinking the right amount of water can be hard when your day is distracting you with work, school, traveling, sports, grocery shopping, the list never ends. According to an article published by the Mayo clinic How much water […]

A little about us

In our personal lives we are very active either coaching filming or supporting our children and the multiple sports they compete in during the year. We spend most summers and weekends traveling to games. This was a reason why we decided to create a blog to share what we have learned along the way and share some of the products […]

Pay less buy more

With millions of websites to choose from, we created this website of common links used by our own family, friends, or other recommendations. If you see a missing link we should share feel free to let us know. Happy Shopping!